Versaland hosts a variety of learning experiences year-round at our 145-acre agroforestry farm.

2015 Workshops


Farmscale Permaculture

4-Day Intensive Course •  Thursday – Sunday  •  October 1-4th, 2015

Learn how to plan, finance, and implement large-scale permaculture systems for maximum resiliency and economic stability with instruction from Grant Schultz and other experts in tree crops, agricultural real estate, and grazing systems. Learn more

GPS Keyline Design


VersaLand has been applying GPS technology to Keyline design and development, making the whole process smooth and easy.  Using advanced GPS mapping tools and software, design and installation of a complete Keyline water management system can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.  We’d love to show you how.  Learn more


Versaland is building an agricultural ecosystem at the junction of technology and tradition.  Using a Keyline water management system, our site showcases the early stages of an agroecological design alongside mature oaks and hickories.  From Keyline swales to cold-hardy fruits, there is something for all.  Some of the concepts we demonstrate are at the forefront of technology, while others have been used for millennia.  Plants, animals, and tools work together to create a low-input, high-yield farm.

  • Agricultural Ecosystem techniques at work, including Keyline design, fruit and nut polycultures, silvopasture, alleycropping, and electric tractor power.
  • Erosion-eliminating, soil-generating farming methods.  Floods and drought can be overcome. Learn natural farm resilience.
  • How to implement Keyline Design on an actual site.  View a site in the real world to understand the process of eliminating soil erosion on your land, building ponds, and earthworks.  Observe human-scale and machine-scale earthworks and swale-building.
  • Learn with an experienced teaching staff with skills from broad backgrounds from environmental engineering to site and building design
  • Where to start, evaluating your own site, and what to look for when developing a farm or looking to buy land.
  • An intense experience that is big on understanding processes you can apply on your own agricultural project.
  • More HANDS ON demonstrations and skillbuilding
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