GPS Keyline Workshop: ONLINE COURSE

VersaLand has been applying GPS technology to Keyline design and development, making the whole process smooth and easy.  Using advanced GPS mapping tools and software, design and installation of a complete Keyline water management system can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.  We’d love to show you how.

Screenshot 2014-04-21 18.15.55The old methods of guesswork, laser levels, flags and frustration are over.  Computer-aided 3D design software eliminates any expensive mistakes in the design process.  Uploading the CAD plan to GPS-guided excavation equipment can then shape perfect swales, ponds, and earthworks quickly and inexpensively.

Perfect design, perfect estimates, perfect installation.

Simple and fun, just how we like it.

We filmed an onsite 2-day workshop at VersaLand, and have added additional screencasts, interviews, and earthworks footage. In the ONLINE COURSE, you’ll learn the specialized tools and techniques of GPS Keyline water management, view a multi-faceted installation, and advanced pond, earthworks, and road modeling tools and techniques.

Course Content

  • GPS survey methods
  • 3D Design Software Demonstrations
  • How to hire subcontractors (surveyors + design)
  • GPS-guided machinery (autosteer guidance and more)
  • Swale construction methods (dozer, swale plow, excavator/trackhoe)
  • Yeomans Keyline plow on-site demonstrations
  • Keyline Silvopasture design
  • Installation cost estimating and methodology (get the best work done for the least money)


Online Edition

We’ve added an Online Edition of this course to accommodate those who’d rather not travel.  We’ll be recording all of the live classroom portions of the course, all of the slideshow presentations, sharing all of the additional resources, and videotaping as much of the on-site experience as we can.  The Online GPS Keyline workshop will be offered for those who register with the form below selecting the “Online Course” in dropdown menu of registration form below.  The Online GPS Keyline workshop will be available in October 2014.

The ONLINE EDITION will include a webinar session with an active Q&A session, so it will be capped to ensure active discourse.  SIGN UP NOW, no spots can be reserved without registration.


Begins October 15th, 2014.  Online course delivered in three modules over three months.  Progress at your own pace, review text and video resources as often as you’d like.

Fill out my online form.