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Ready to build a better world with agriculture?

You've found home.

10612802_738598914837_2653325439413486663_nWe work in a beautiful environment operating critical ventures.

Life around Versaland is always interesting.  The commerce of real-world ecology. Stacking new layers of function to our existing business happens everyday.   Documenting and expressing what we're creating is an important piece of the puzzle, but foremost is putting the next piece on the board.

Become an apprentice or intern here and you'll create work that gets noticed.  Ready to operate a symbiotic venture - mushrooms, microgreens, or a specific livestock enterprise - we're a canvas with immense potential.

Here are some (but not all) roles for 2017:


You're actively seeking out opportunities in permaculture.  Your primary skill is that you know how to WORK.  HUSTLE. FIGURE IT OUT.  You'll get to plant your own garden, tend an orchard, and care for livestock.  You'll get to experience life on one of the most ambitious permaculture farms in North America.  You will learn SKILLS you never knew existed until you earned them for life.


You have prior experience with livestock, and understand the life ways of dedicated pastoralism.  Sunshine, wind, rain, you're in your element.  We graze multiple species of livestock, and seek expansion with a dedicated partner of cud and carbon.


You know your way around a MIG welder, drill press, and electrical circuits.  You can problem solve as an individual and as a team.  You can assess what went wrong, what went right, and how to fix it - or locate someone who can!  You're excited to work with projects shared on FarmHack.org that help thousands of farmers around the world.

Graphic Designer

We're looking for a creative person eager to put their talents to work in an intense, supportive environment.  From brand creation to infographics, you'll flex your mind.  You must be extremely capable in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Wordpress and HTML experience is an added plus, but not required.

We plant trees and grow regenerative economies, actively reinventing an industry.  If this excites you, get in touch.


Video for the web conveys ideas in a personal, actionable way.  To spread the wildfire of regenerative possibility, we need you Kickass Video Professional.  You know videography (we have gear).  You know editing (we have Adobe suite).  If you're good with After Effects or other motion graphics programs we'll think you're super cool.  Drones, electric tractors, and pastured livestock.  Let's do this.


Are you an unschooled unicorn?  You understand the craft of falconry, and care for a trained raptor.  Our diverse landscape provides a tremendous volume of prey to feed your avian friends, and that helps our trees establish themselves.   Diversity breeds diversity.


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