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A Seasonal Poem


Farming Forward

A Seasonal Poem

Grant Schultz


The following poem was shared on the PFI email listserv. May we all strive to create similar experiences for our communities, children, and future children.

The Farm  by Joyce Sutphen My father's farm is an apple blossomer. He keeps his hills in dandelion carpet and weaves a lane of lilacs between the rose and the jack-in-the-pulpits. His sleek cows ripple in the pastures. The dog and purple iris keep watch at the garden's end.

His farm is rolling thunder, a lightning bolt on the horizon. His crops suck rain from the sky and swallow the smoldering sun. His fields are oceans of heat, where waves of gold beat the burning shore.

A red fox pauses under the birch trees, a shadow is in the river's bend. When the hawk circles the land, my father's grainfields whirl beneath it. Owls gather together to sing in his woods, and the deer run his golden meadow.

My father's farm is an icicle, a hillside of white powder. He parts the snowy sea, and smooths away the valleys. He cultivates his rows of starlight and drags the crescent moon through dark unfurrowed fields. "The Farm" by Joyce Sutphen, from Straight Out of View.   (c) Beacon Press,

1995. Reprinted with permission.