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Garlic Season


Farming Forward

Garlic Season

Grant Schultz


Garlic-planting season is just around the corner for VersaLand Farm.  The first frosts have kissed the ground of Iowa, and we will be planting this season's garlic soon.  We aim to start garlic planting two weeks after the first hard frost (28º F), around October 15th this year.

Planting garlic in the fall gives cloves just enough time sprout some roots before winter.  This gives them a leg up to be one the first crops poking out of the soil in Spring.

We've built two new specialized pieces of machinery to aid in our largest planting of garlic yet, several TONS of heirloom hardneck varieties.  We'll tell you all about them soon enough (with photos!)  VersaLand Farm does an exceptional job of adapting precision agricultural methods typically done by hand into scalable, sustainable machine-assisted processes.

Humans+Machines+Intelligence = Winning

All three parts of the equation are necessary to achieve the desired result.  We could go on about this, but know that integrated care of the land needs a steady eye.  'Big Ag' doesn't work because it distances human cognition too far from nature.

Our aim for machine design is to remove only the monotony of hand labor, while maintaining direct and intimate interaction between man, woman, seed, and soil.