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Hi Folks, Grant Schultz of Versaland here.

Conversation is best in person, ideally around a campfire. 

A podcast is the next best thing, and we're accomplishing just that with a campaign on Patreon.  When 50 patrons are secured, we'll launch a podcast with a weekly interview.  It'll be raw and real content at the nexus of Ecology, Economy, and Human Fulfillment.  Just rough enough around the edges to be real, and it'll include taboo, a few curse words, and stories that will make you laugh out loud. Sound good?

Support the podcast here.

When we reach 50 supporters (at ANY reward level!) at least one audio podcast per week will be released, interviewing a sharp and interesting mind in the worlds of regenerative agriculture, rewilding, health, business, and personal development.  We'll talk about apple trees, roast duck, hot tub sex, and a heckuva lot more.

That's the reward. MORE CONTENT. No unwelcome obligations trying to get between you and the road to living a fulfilled life.

I turn to you, ye Patrons, when planning trips and content for the podcast. As the direct supporters of the content being created, your wants determine what comes next. Through the Patron-only feed, we will discuss ideas for upcoming content and I'll take all your feedback into consideration.

Thank you so much for your support thus far, and I look forward to taking this next leap into the brave new world of raw and vigorous content with you all!